Wednesday, April 11, 2012

.ordinary One.

Friends are the only one person who always beside us in happiness and hard time. We should appreciate for their presence in our daily life. I love to make friend, because I am the friendly one. I can pretend my smile to show my fake happiness. This is wrong. Yes I knew it. But I have to just for anyone around me. When I start to know that person, and I love them, it is hard for me to let them go. If they want to, I can do nothing. This is me. No, this is bad me. I am just ordinary person. Everyone can be broken heart one. Same goes to me. It is can be a long time to wait a person who we loved to text or contact us even in short time. I can be ignorance person. Seriously I am the bad one in. maybe I have lack of the kindness things in myself. In friendship. Friends is the things can influence our mood,just myself. I can’t accept the person slowly leave me for no reasons. I am a normally friends, I just want to make you happy even you are not seeing this to me.
 iera redha kalau iera memang bukan kawan yang baik untuk anda.
 I believe you can get better one than me. they said I can’t leave my hands off for this thing. I have a lot sacrifice my feeling, to be pretend in front of you, this fake smile, just shit things in my life ! 
ya Allah. I think I can’t live in yours like you. Don’t frown your forehead if you seeing my deeply heartless. Now ,friends are influence things for me. my tears easily rolling down just for this simple thing. I am easily give up. Once I have trapped myself in this kind problem, I lost. 
Can you keep care my heart? I don’t ask for it, but please lahhh. My heart is not blind, but I keep it to cover my heart to take it easy problem. I always put aside my ego between my friends. For me, no old friends, no new friends. Friends in my life is same. no level, no rank. 
I may not be your best friend, could hanging around with you and having fun. But I am trying to be your good friend. Not always be with you, but when you cry, I'll be there. When you're happy, I congrats and happy for you :)
Thanks for always beside me before, thanks a lot. I always love you and ever ,InsyaAllah. 


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